The best and worst excuse

April 25, 2016 at 9:00 am
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I’ve bounced between video games and other hobbies lately, so when I landed in D&D territory, of course I thought of my lonely blog. I have tried to come up with material. The trouble is that I want to write original material. I could write such as reaction/reblogging posts easily enough. Writing about it adds dubious value sometimes.

The other obstacle: I’m spending less time on the computer for health reasons, sanity reasons, and so on. Time is at a premium also because I have a kiddo. (Okay, I freaked myself out: this blog is older than my child.)

Now what? Well, it’s redundant to say this, but I will: maybe I should just leave that up to the readers.

Actually it’s weird to think I even have any readers. I probably have at least one, it’s just— huh. Well I suppose there are worse things you could be doing.

I’ll see about putting some posts together about what I’ve read lately, as I have had a few shifts here and there as I’ve delved into OSR blogs again. Teaser: my opinion on how to run stealth has been completely transformed.

As an aside, it’s strange how ~1 yr of OSR has challenged more of my thoughts about RPGs than the previous 10 years of playing, reading, and collecting RPGs ever did. I’d say the two other time I felt a change like this was when I first picked up D&D and when I went from D&D to White Wolf.

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