How much sleep?

October 1, 2014 at 10:00 am
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Speaking of sleep, did you notice that the rules don’t say you need to sleep? Now, this goes against the grain for a lot of people who enjoy D&D, and to some extent it bothered me. But this is another question of common sense, or rather, how much does your table give a shit about this particular issue?

You could say 8 hrs are necessary, implying that a party of non-elves takes 10 hrs to do a long rest. Trance implies that 8 hrs is the standard, further implying that 10 hrs is what you’d expect for a long rest for a party of 4. You could say, let’s just go with 6 hrs sleep and 2 hrs standing watch to keep long rests at 8 hrs.

Frankly, the more I write about it, the less I care! This has never come up in any game I’ve ever played. If it becomes an important issue, I would probably go with the requirement that 8 hours of sleep are the minimum.

But why pass up an opportunity to imagine how I’d do it?

Sleep deprivation

Here’s how I’d handle it if it came up:

I ripped off the rules for food, in other words: unrealistic but who cares because it’s so simple.

Feel free to dial up the flat bonus up or down according to what feel you want. I’m sure people have gone much longer with less, and we are talking about heroic characters. On the other hand, we want to keep the math relatively simple and not burden anyone who doesn’t give a crap about sleep with something to track.

That last part is key: whatever I decide to do (if anything), I don’t want to think about it unless it’s important or particularly relevant to my scenario.

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