A clue about magic weapons in 5E

September 22, 2014 at 10:00 am
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There aren’t many magic weapons and armor in the 5E DMG basic rules. In fact, there really aren’t any to speak of beyond +1. Yeah, OK, if I wanted to peek at some 5E adventures, I’m sure I could find examples. But that would spoil the adventures! And I like assembling clues, OK? Humor me!

While sifting through the spell list, I noticed a certain spell: elemental weapon, a third level transmutation. (Oddly enough it’s a paladin spell exclusively.) You can enchant a weapon with elemental this or that, right? And what’s the damage bonus? You could actually guess and have a decent chance of being correct.

The damage bonus is 1d4, and I am guessing this is how a +1 flaming weapon might work. There was a 3.x spell that worked roughly like this. And it would be strange that a time-limited, resource-consuming enchantment would be outmatched by a permanently enchanted item. I could be wrong, obviously.

As a side note: elemental weapon talks about how if it’s cast as a 7th level spell, it does 3d4. But paladins don’t get 7th level spell slots! I can think of two ways that someone other than a paladin can cast it.

The most direct: at 10th level a bard can learn two spells from anyone’s spell list. A 17th level arcane trickster could steal it from a paladin (or bard, ha!). Finally, wish can duplicate any spell.

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