Late to the party: White Wolf Layoffs

November 6, 2011 at 5:57 pm
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Holy shit. I heard about the layoffs at White Wolf/CCP. However, when I heard the initial announcement, I didn’t hear much about specifics and I couldn’t find a list. Today I decided to look for one while looking or information about M20.

I found a list here, from the Unofficial White Wolf Wiki:

You can hit the list of layoffs to find links to each person’s White Wolf CV. There are a lot of names here that go way back before you even start talking about such as Ethan Skemp and Aileen Miles.

I reiterate, this time with emphasis: holy fucking shit. It breaks my heart.

Now, I don’t pretend that I would even recognize any of these people on the street, let alone that I have any sort of personal relationship with them. I only have a relationship with these people insofar as I’ve spent countless hours curled up with books they’ve written, typeset, and otherwise lovingly crafted. I couldn’t have bought and read a decade’s worth of White Wolf books without recognizing at least some of these names.

It’s tempting to opine about the whole White Wolf/CCP thing. Of course some part of me feels bitterness. But if the complaint is that CCP is killing White Wolf, I have to wonder whether White Wolf would’ve survived, alone, for this long.

No, I don’t really have any big pronouncements. Recessions suck. I’m sad about RPGs being on the decline. White Wolf was one of my favorites because I like creepy and/or modern shit.

Arguably this is what happens when times change; the old stuff, which has its own merits and trade-offs, falls by the wayside or is otherwise transformed. They are replaced by new things, which also have their own merits and trade-offs, and will themselves, at some subsequent time, be replaced or transformed. It’s not the end because it’s never the end; RPGs live in on multiple forms. Many of their concepts and mechanics are now more pervasive than they’ve ever been. And in a more concrete sense, White Wolf itself still lives, as does WotC and numerous indie developers.

That’s about all I’ve got.

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