White Wolf Release Schedule 2011-2012

August 9, 2011 at 9:35 pm
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A couple of things have put me in mind of White Wolf over the last few days.

One of them was unboxing my roleplaying books. They’d been boxed up as part of some home improvement and I never got around to unboxing them. This weekend, I did. It’s hard to describe how I felt. It was bittersweet, in that I felt nostalgic but also some sense that I might be done with roleplaying for good.

And then just now, I saw that White Wolf had put up their publishing schedule for 2011 – 2012. Huh.

I’ll admit I’m less than thrilled by the whole V20 thing. (I guess we’re all curmudgeons now?) (Uh, “now”?) There wasn’t much thrill in a game I wasn’t all that interested in, although on some level I have to feel happy for the people for whom this is a big deal. The guy who runs my FLGS certainly seems pleased. My visits aren’t often these days, and he brings it up each time. I don’t have the heart to tell him I thought Requiem was a superior game by nearly every measure.

On top of that, I presumed that the nWoD was all but dead. Perhaps that says more about me than anything else: from glancing at DriveThruRpg.com, it seems there’s been a trickle of releases. It’s difficult to see at what rate with DriveThruRPG’s interface, but it doesn’t seem like that many. Maybe that’s consistent with the rate before the move to digital publishing in any case.

I’m rambling.

So then I see the new publishing schedule, and it’s an interesting mix. Releases are one per month, as far as I can tell, and the list goes out to 2012. Remarkably, it seems they’re releasing new material for the old games (including finishing up some of the old Technocracy Convention books, ha!). But the majority is either nWoD or Exalted.

Another notable piece is that there’ll be another nWoD expansion game, a remake of Mummy.

Finally, it looks like some of the print on demand stuff came through. On top of the oWoD stuff, a bunch of nWoD stuff will be on here. So there’s that.

My own hiatus

My thoughts on roleplaying these days are few and far between, as I’m sure I’ve reiterated the few times I’ve posted lately. That’s persisted. I’ve spent more time reading, coding, working, or goofing off. A big chunk of it is that my core gaming group is heavily ensconced in their own game, for which I have little interest. Hearing about their game evokes the opposite of what I’d imagined; the more I hear about it, the less I’m interested in roleplaying overall.

I’d say it’s a phase, as these things do move in cycles. Two year cycles, though? That’s the last time I posted any really coherent thoughts on roleplaying. Oh, I’m sure I’ve played some one-shot D&D since then. But I never ran Changeling, nor Dark Sun, nor Geist, nor anything else.

What’s funny is that when I was shelving my books the other day, I was reminded about how I kept acquiring books even after I’d ostensibly lost interest. I’ve got a fair number of D&D books I haven’t read. In my defense, some (but not all) were gifts. Some of the later Vampire: the Requiem books are mostly unread. I probably finished The Mage Chronicler’s Guide.

There’s something alluring about the books, though, as always. The Requiem clanbooks in particular were among the most enjoyable role-playing books I’ve ever seen or read.

This is all just a long way of saying that I’m sure I could get interested again if I tried. But do I want to? I’m not sure! This I will say: as of this evening, and it sure is tempting to crack open a role-playing book or two in the meantime. I might have achieved the point (seven years?!) at which there’s enough nostalgia to get me reading, if nothing else.

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