World of Darkness MMO is old World of Darkness?

September 25, 2010 at 12:12 pm
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Via RPS, I see that some sort of dodgy footage (no gameplay) related to the World of Darkness MMO was at The Grand Masquerade, a White Wolf convention.

The video itself doesn’t offer any information— it’s a cinematic, in other words, and well done— but there was one tidbit. It will be based on “the older Masquerade system.” Based on what little I’ve been able to glean myself, it seems accurate. If nothing else, there’s plenty of corroborating chatter on Twitter.

I can’t say I’m excited. Vampire was my least favorite out of the old World of Darkness games. Mage occupied that spot, although my fervor for it has lessened. I’m not sure it has aged well, and I’d rather preserve nostalgia as it is than tamper with it.

Of course since I haven’t seen or heard anything about the gameplay beyond “it’ll focus on player politics and social interaction.” I can’t form an opinion based on that. The closest analogy is of course EVE Online, which has some fascinating politics and whatnot. I also have too much respect for the World of Darkness folks to dismiss the game out of hand. Purely on the point of adapting tabletop to MMO, the Masquerade setting is a better choice, given that it operated on a global scale. Still, to the extent to which it’s possible to formulate an opinion about this, I’m disappointed.

No matter how I feel, I still wish the White Wolf folks all the best of luck. It sounds like there’s a large portion of lapsed Vampire: the Masquerade fans, or folks who have no strong preference for original vs. newer Vampire. I just don’t fall into either of those categories.

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