Two years? Really? I’m skeptical.

June 21, 2010 at 7:08 pm
filed under Blog, Roleplaying

It seems that this thing has been running since April 20, 2008. I still feel somewhat skeptical about this. That’s probably well-advised: there’ve been many long periods where the blog languished. What can I say? I write when the fancy strikes me, and that’s typically when I’ve run something. Obviously that hasn’t happened for a while. Even so, I haven’t entirely abandoned this as I’ve abandoned many other projects. Tepid kudos for me, then.

What with Dark Sun heating up (GET IT?), I feel I’ve got a few more posts in me for the near future. A few thoughts about White Wolf are tumbling around in the brain-box, too, although to be frank it’s more to do with what’s not happening than what is. I might be repeating myself, though.

In any case, to everyone out there, thanks for reading!

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