Handy Windows 7 tip

December 1, 2009 at 8:20 pm
filed under Technology

I try to keep my browser windows segregated by task, but sometimes tabs can proliferate to the point where you want to split them off into a new window.

Trouble is, sometimes I don’t stick with that, and I want to move all those tabs to a new window. Most browsers have drag & drop functionality, but that can be tricky to use. Pulling a tab off of a maximized window to make a new window means that when you try to drag another one onto the new window, the maximized window takes up focus.

In Windows, you can effectively tile your windows by selecting a window, holding down the Windows key, and pressing a direction. So I might Ctrl-N to create a new window, Win + Right to move it to the right, Alt-Tab back to the main window, Win + Left to move it to the left, and then start the drag-and-drop procedure.

All right, no more procrastinating.

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