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May 10, 2009 at 1:43 pm
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I can’t lie to you, blog. I’ve got the World of Darkness on the brain lately.

Finishing a campaign has freed up some amount of brain-space. I’m still into D&D, but it’s a bit easier to think about other things now that I don’t feel guilty about my game languishing. And listening to the White Wolf podcasts has allowed a lot of the World of Darkness stuff to burrow into to my brain once again. There’s also been some Geist stuff out and about, like the teaser in Epitaph. That piqued my interest.

I think this year, when Giest comes out, I’ll do something a bit different the usual. In previous years, I’ve read through the book, posted some thoughts here and there, daydreamed about games I could run, and that was more or less the end of it. This year? This year, I think I’ll run it once I’ve read it.

Yeah, all right, I’m not sure how that’ll work. The chief obstacle is that I’ll surely be the only one I know with a copy. (We had kind of a running joke back in college that one of our friends, Dan, was the guy who owned all the books. In Seattle, it appears that I’ve fallen into that role.) If the game inspires me, I’ll try to make it work. There should be a quickstart, right? Maybe that’ll be enough to get people familiar with the concept.

The point is that I need to run more games and that, in particular, I should probably run more WoD. Those books make up the vast majority of my collection. They tend to mesh well with my preferred play-style on top of being a highly enjoyable read. So what’s the freaking problem? I ain’t get my shit together, that’s what. I won’t say “No more!” because I’m well aware that thouse could be famous last words. But this sounds like a solid plan.

There’s another idea kicking around in my head that’s related.

I’m thinking about challenging myself to use every single one of the WoD books I own at least once. One-shots, open-ended campaign, limited run game— it doesn’t matter. More games means more fun for everyone (?), and more confidence for me when it comes to game-mastering, which in turn leads to more games. Everybody wins, right?

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