Er-Eret final chapters and the future

March 13, 2009 at 6:00 am
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The final chapters for Er-Eret are coming up. That’s right, blog: I decided to end this shit.

The PCs are in a spot I’m none too happy about. My inspiration is failing and I feel a bit trapped; that’s as good an explanation I can offer for the weeks of silence on this blog, honestly. So, rather than dragging this out further and try to salvage it, we’re going to end it in the next session or two. Quite simply, there comes a time when I’ve gotta lance the boil and cut straight to rapid exposition and a couple of battles.

I’m pretty sure at least one of my players reads this, so I’m not going to go into details. But I did leave myself this out; this was my original plan, and everything else was a wrinkle or variation on this.

If I may be premature about this game, particularly in the context of my performance, I’d say it was a mixed bag. The first couple of sessions were reasonably good, I’d say. Maybe the second one is one of the best sessions I’ve run. From there, it got harder, chiefly because I didn’t know how to structure a D&D game in order to make it interesting. Some of that was self-inflicted doubt; rather than focus on what I thought would be good, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I should be doing, if that distinction makes any sense. I had ideas but I didn’t execute most of them because I didn’t know how to introduce them.

I think perhaps one of my biggest mistakes with Er-Eret was to send the PCs on their way too soon. The timeline could’ve been slowed down, such that a second or third attack was necessary to bring the place to its knees. Alternatively, forcing the PCs to attack more than once, allowing more evidence to mount or giving them a better idea of where they’re headed, might’ve been a smarter move and provided more engaging play. As it stands now, it was “go from point A to point B and have some fights on the way.” That’s OK as far as it goes, but I wanted more.

As far as my level of confidence with D&D is concerned, I’m still not there. The next game that I run will probably be scaled back somewhat in terms of ambition— I’ll start with what I’m most familiar with, which is character interaction (as opposed to dungeon design, traveling, exploration, and the like), translate that into D&D, and take it from there.  I’ll have a more solid plan for getting PCs together, a tighter arc, and then we can decide after one or two sessions if we want to keep playing these characters or what

Because yes, even though the corpse of my old game isn’t even cold, I’m already thinking about my next game. I’m leaning heavily towards a game consisting of PCs with a divine power source only. I may have to stretch that a bit, since I believe there are only four (i.e., cleric, paladin, invoker, avenger). The characters would, in theory, be affiliated with the same or similar religious organizations, and could act in some professional capacity. An inquisition-style dynamic would let them perform investigations, fight, and politick to their hearts’ content. It might also give them opportunities to do some dungeon crawling.

That’s all for now, blog. You see, while I’ve designed the last couple of bits, I haven’t committed much fluff to paper. I’ve also got to nail down the details for the last encounter, since this session could actually end up being fairly quick.

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