August Dungeon & Dragon catch-up

August 28, 2008 at 1:12 pm
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Wizards has released some new Dungeon and Dragon bits. I, uh, kind of like it.

You hear a loud, rumbling sound. A boulder might be involved.

First, there was the article about traps called Trapped!. More of this, please!

The dos and don’ts were a great start, giving me some points to look over when I consider what I’m gonna do with traps. It also had a good mix of traps that I can either use or rip off, which also act as data points on how 4e handles them.

Maybe this is the best kind of endorsement you can get: reading this made me want to put traps in my game. I was already thinking about it, as I much prefer 4e’s traps-as-interactive-terrain or traps-as-combatants approach. This little article gave me a little more confidence and sealed the deal.

Stars and the people who make Pacts with them

I just skimmed through the warlock bits, just to get an idea of the premise behind it. It’s actually pretty straightforward: there’re some roleplaying tips (what’re your character’s thoughts about this whole pact-with-the-evil-thing-beyond-the-stars thing?), seeds for ideas about what sorts of entities they worship, some feats for every tier, and a bunch of new Star pact powers.

The one hitch with this kind of thing is that I’m leery of new shit being more powerful than what’s in the core, and also of somebody finding something off the Internet that is broken. 4e’s math is much more transparent than previous editions, and we’ve already got some data points for each class.

I’m not saying I saw anything messed up in there; I skimmed the first few levels, and to my untrained eye stuff seemed on the up-and-up. And honestly there’s a bit of jealousy, here; I’d probably be much more excited about it if I knew more about the warlock class and how it played, or if it were a treatment for another class nearer to my heart.

Arcane Barber

Ritually Speaking is mostly a list of rituals. I’ll admit that rituals are underutilized in my game, though in my defense this is really the first “serious” D&D game I’ve ever run, let alone 4th Edition. So with that excuse in mind, I don’t see much in here that really grabs me. I suppose it’s one of those bits that’s useful to have around, especially if they can be the lynchpin of a particular plot. When it comes time to do my next campaign, I’ll be sure to take another gander at rituals as well as this article.

Pay or no pay?

WotC is saying that these magazines will move to a subscription model by the end of this month or so, and I’m still undecided. If they have more class-specific articles or articles in a similar format to Trapped, I’d consider paying.

That said, there’s a lot of stuff in there that I don’t use, so it’s more than likely that I’ll wait until the demo for the character creator comes out before I decide.

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