Er-Eret Session #3 – plot summary

August 3, 2008 at 6:28 pm
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It’s really short, as this session had a couple of encounters and a lot less roleplaying.

The PCs left Er-Eret, traveling through the surrounding countryside. Alac carried the banner of Er-Eret, and as they passed people along the way, some greeted and saluted them, while others merely glanced at them, and resumed what they were doing.

By the afternoon, they were on the outskirts of what could be considered Er-Eret, and in the distance they saw a burnt-out farmstead. Ratha spotted them first, and saw that they were in fact goblins.

The party snuck up on the goblins. Rubican re-ignited the burnt out barn, and the rest of the PCs quickly went to work on the unprepared goblins. The fight was settled in short order, as the goblins were unprepared and our PCs had learned a thing or two about fighting since they set out for Er-Eret.

After defeating the goblins, the PCs found an ash pit that contained a number of human and dwarf remains. Alac ordered that they take the goblins who were apparently in charge and put their heads on a pike. They lit the rest of the goblins’ bodies on fire, but not before burying the remains of the slain humans and dwarves.

This camp appeared to be some kind of staging area, so they ransacked it for weapons and destroyed them.

After making camp for the night somewhere else along the line, the PCs traveled into the Blackwood, so named at least in part for the darkness incurred by the tall, thick branches of the trees.

The trail was fairly easy to follow, though as dusk arrived, it became more difficult to see. They followed the path to a point near a hilly area, with what might have been an old path. Sighni advised that they simply continue to track the goblins, despite the spiderwebs indicating that this was the territory of spiders.

As the party proceeded, they heard noises in the brush, and caught glimpses of spiders moving through. They tried various distractions, which delayed but ultimately did not prevent the spiders from hounding them to a clearing.

It was perhaps the most challenging battle of the game so far, with the ettercaps and spiders poisoning and webbing the PCs. Ratha lost consciousness towards the end of the battle, but otherwise the PCs were victorious.

After the last ettercap died, the PCs stopped to take stock and rest. They noticed that there were spider-webs strewn about here and there; this was some sort of lair, and the bundles indicated that there were many victims here. The party found a variety of useful items that were no longer needed by the unfortunates who’d found themselves at the mercy of these spider-folk.


That’s where we stopped. There’s more up and coming, but this was a logical stopping point, as some people had to get up early this morning.

I might have more on the post-mortem now that I’ve gotten this summary out of my system— I won’t lie to you, blog: I postponed writing this because of how unhappy I was. Maybe I’ll have a second postmortem on some specifics once I get over my frustration.

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