Er-Eret Session #1 – Summary

July 22, 2008 at 8:24 pm
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Oh, right! Hey, guys! I just remembered: I’m running a D&D game!

Actually, before we get into it, I have a real problem writing about games I’ve run. In the past, for such as my Mage: the Awakening game (“Lover’s Leap,” it was called), I wrote up synopses partially for my own benefit, and partially for others’. I liked having a record of what happened so that I could go back and refresh my memory, even after the game died the slowly, a Death of Neglect and Conflicting Schedules.

For this game, there’s a bit more to it. There’s a learning process going on for me, as I play a game with a lot more crunch than I’m used to and a premise that tends towards a different style I’m used to. So there are two levels going on here, and that’s roughly what I’ll try to write about.

This particular post is a wild stab at trying to explain what happened in the game, at least from some kind of story perspective. I’m not happy with it. Writing about actual play is very difficult, and this particular summary doesn’t capture what each player did. It’s a narration of events that makes it seem so passive, when that’s just not the case for a roleplaying game to be even remotely good.

I’m also not that great at writing; writing requires practice, and I don’t practice much.

With those caveats (face it, self: it’s not going to get any better), here’s a plot summary of the first session.

The PCs

Ratha is a tiefling warlock. No one’s really sure what exactly he wants, though by all appearances he is genial and polite. Lexa is a tiefling rogue. She does ‘work’ for a mid-level crime lord, and she enjoys it. Alac von Aronnet is a young half-elf attending a military academy who recently inherited a somewhat remote tract of land, upon which the town of Er-Eret is located. Rubican is a tiefling wizard from a noble family. He has an affinity for fire. Sighni is a dwarven ranger, and she is part of the town guard for Er-Eret. Kay is a halfling fighter who also happens to be on the town guard, and she and Sighni are good friends.

Now, in my games, I usually have a lot of side plots that nobody else necessarily knows about. This post won’t include those; what’s here should be common knowledge among the players. I mention this partially because if it seems like I’m neglecting someone, or that someone has been left out, that is not necessarily the case.

The Plot

Alac started with trying to find his way from Ursica, the town in which the military academy is located. The trouble with getting to Er-Eret is that it’s distant, so caravans don’t go there very often. In order to get to Er-Eret, Alac had to go to Torkahn to charter a caravan.

He found a fellow named Gimmel who was crazy enough to risk the trip, who in turn found a couple of other merchants. One of them was Hallen, an eladrin missing many teeth, who had a nasty blacksage addiction. (Blacksage is a lot like tobacco, only your teeth fall out sooner and it often gives you a nasty cough.)

It turned out that there were a number of interested parties. A few individuals, Ratha, Lexa, and Rubican were all interested in signing on. Alec greeted Ratha and Rubican, fellows of apparent social stature, personally to welcome them aboard. Lexa was hired by Gimmel after displaying her combat ability (and nearly putting Gimmel’s remaining eye out).

It took about a week of travel time to get to Er-Eret. The trip itself was mostly uneventful.

Now, Er-Eret used to be a thriving town, but as the Nerath empire diminished, so did the amount of trade between Torkahn and Er-Eret. It was cheaper to get wood and iron elsewhere than it was to send caravans for it.

The Calamar family, the nobles in charge of Er-Eret, effectively abandoned it. The town self-governs now, with a town council. Laszlo was the former majordomo and is now effectively the Speaker for the town. Ansa, Sighni’s mother, is on the town council as well, and the local priestess of Moradin. She acts a moderating voice.

Lately, goblin raids have become more persistent. The town guard is holding its own, but there aren’t many of them, and the goblins are getting braver about raiding in greater numbers, and even during the day. Sighni and Kay have had their hands full patrolling the outlying lands for incursions.

On this day, they were tracking a goblin raiding party through the nearby Blackwood, the source of the fine wood that once made Er-Eret famous. Eventually the raiding party approached a caravan, and attacked.

Through the cooperation of the Er-Eret contingent as well as those in the caravan, the goblin ambush was defeated. Rubican inspected one of the goblins who wielded a rod and wore a glittering red gem. The gem itself turned out to be made of glass, and shattered. The rod, however, turned out to be a Rod of Dark Reward, and Rubican gladly handed it over.

Alac wanted to detain the two women from Er-Eret, who refused despite Alac’s assertion that this was his authortiy. After some shouting, Sighni and Kay went back to Er-Eret using paths well known to them, and advised the council to close the gates.

Once Alac and the others arrived, he bargained with the council to parlay. Laszlo met Alac with a great deal of hostility which was tempered only by Ansa’s soothing words. They agreed that Alac could enter the town after explaining the troubles they’d been having with the goblins.

From here, the “party” split up for the most part.

Alac made for the manor, which had been well used in the absence of a noble. The locals turned it into a town hall of sorts, keeping it in working order but without the flourishes typical of a noble’s manor. Rubican requested a guest room for study, which Alac granted.

Lexa spent some time in the tavern. As a result of her socializing with the guards and the fact that she took three javelins without going down, sparing many of the men from death, Gimmel and the men decided to repay her with a Duelist’s Dagger.

Later, Ansa visited Alac’s new manor, carrying a bundle. She explained that what she carried belonged to the previous noble, and that if Alac was going to take the lead in combating the goblins, she would probably need this. When she handed him the Barkskin Armor, Alac told her that it would not be forgotten. “Don’t make me regret this,” she said.

Not long thereafter, Gimmel pounded on Alac’s manor door, asking for Rubican. Once the wizard answered the door, he nearly dragged Rubican to the tavern, and exhorted him to perform a number of fire tricks. Rubican grudgingly obliged, and the assorted patrons cheered as he lit up drinks, set a hat on fire and wore it, and maybe some other tricks I’m forgetting, too.

Once the display was over, Gimmel shouted to Hallen that he’d best pay up, because he’d lost the bet. Hallen was none too happy, but gave Rubican the resort of the wager: a fine robe of Darkleaf Armor.

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