I made a monster: Giant Spider

June 15, 2008 at 12:03 am
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This is me doing some amateur monster design.

You see, I noticed that the lowest level spider in the Monster Manual happens to be level 4. As I recall, there were plenty of level 1 vermin in the 3.5 Monster Manual. I decided to create a fairly simple spider with a mild poison.

At first I was winging it as far as the numbers are concerned because I feel pretty confident about what level 1 characters’ attack bonuses and defenses are. It turns out the numbers I was using matched up with the default recommendations, at least for the most part!

I’ll talk a bit more about it after the jump.

Giant Spider – Level 1 Skirmisher

Medium natural beast (spider) – XP 100

Initiative +5  Senses Perception +5; tremorsense 5

HP 43  Bloodied 21

AC 15; Fortitude 12; Reflex 14; Will 11

Resist 5 poison

Speed 6, climb 6 (spider climb)

Poisonous Bite (standard, at-will) * Poison:

+6 vs. AC; 1d6+3. Against a slowed or immobilized target: 1d6+5.

Secondary: +3 vs. Fort; target is slowed (save ends).

Web (encounter, recharge 6):

+4 vs. Reflex; target is immobilized (save ends).

Alignment Unaligned, Languages

Skills Athletics +9, Stealth +9

For his senses and movement, I copied those from another spider. Skills were fairly simple, too: most level 1 monsters have skill checks comparable to level 1 characters, and I saw no reason to depart from that.

I haven’t made up my mind about his bite damage. In the context of his poison ability, it seems like he could be a bit strong. Then again, his overall abilities seem pretty comparable to what some of the other level 1 skirmishers can do, so I’m content to leave it for now. The “recharge 6” on his Web ability is there for fun. I haven’t envisioned how exactly he shoots webs.

Ability scores were maybe the toughest part, here. They don’t determine to-hit or damage. Outside of bonuses to defenses, skills, and initiative, I’m not really sure what they do. I didn’t like how high his Will and Fortitude defenses were, though, so I kept them down despite what the books said. I like that starting melee characters can easily beat his AC if they work together, and casters with attacks vs. Will or Fortitude (cleric, warlock, wizard) should be able to hit him fairly easily.

Of course, as a consequence, I gave him 5 extra hit points so he can get in some nice Poisonous Bite attacks.

I haven’t decided about his tactics, exactly. I see him mainly as trying to nail down one weak guy, biting his target into unconsciousness, and then dragging it off. Those of you with low AC beware: he wants to put you in his mouth!

I had fun making this little guy. It took me all of 20 minutes, if that long, and that’s mainly because I kept fussing over him, mainly about the bite damage.

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