Pathfinder (alpha 3) is up

May 24, 2008 at 12:40 am
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The third alpha for Paizo’s Pathfinder is up! I’ll admit I haven’t had time to do more than browse the couple fo classes relevant to this Saturday’s game. Nevertheless, let’s get right to it.

Of course I went straight for the Sorcerer and the Barbarian.

Not much is different for the Barbarian. His rage powers cost multiples of two. Since Beth (the aforementioned girlfriend) hasn’t used her rage powers much, I’m not sure what this’ll actually do. She already has what appears to be a large number of rage points (44, I think), and I suspect that maybe she’ll be a bit less hesitant to use them when, provided she or I remembers that she has them.

Oh, and since she hit level 6, I guess we have to pick out a new one. There were a couple that seemed pretty good. None of them jumped out at me. I’ll have to do that tomorrow before game.

For the Sorcerer, we of course have the ability to cast 0th level spells at-will. Excellent! They also changed the way bloodline feats work; looks like I won’t be getting one until 7th, which means I need to rejigger things. Most of the feat choices still aren’t that compelling in and of themselves, but it’s hard to complain about a free feat, especially in the cases where you can pick up Mobility for free.

As well, I noticed that many bloodlines have ranged attacks now. I think this is also a pretty solid change; as I mentioned before, it seems strange to me to give a caster an at-will ability, presumably what they default to if when they run out of spells, that requires the caster to be in melee range.

Finally, Sorcerers get bonus spells. If I am reading this correctly, these are known spells, not spells per day. That’s a pretty big boost– picking a path expands your repertoire of spells. Although it’s consistent with your bloodline’s theme, there are some nice choices there.

With the changes to the Sorcerer, I’m going to have to look all of this over again to re-choose a bloodline, given how drastic the changes are. This will be interesting.

Lest you think me completely selfish, I did skim some of the other entries.

I couldn’t bear to read the Bard. I’m sorry. And this isn’t a dig against Pathfinder. I just don’t like the class, and I think it needs a rewrite basically from scratch.

Looking purely at the early levels for the Ranger, the changes aren’t quite as drastic as for some other classes. He gets a selection of feats for each style instead of pre-defined feats. I haven’t had time to delve too much into those particular feats. Choice is good, in general, assuming it’s not fake (i.e. that one route is clearly better than all the others). The favored terrain seems new, and kind of a neat idea, as is the choice between animal companions or granting people a portion of your favored enemy bonus.

The Monk is an odd bird. It’s another class I don’t particularly care for. He gets a weird grab-bag of abilities and it’s not really clear what his role is supposed to be in your average fight. That said, there are some neat changes. Monks can spend ki points to activate various abilities. They already had a flurry, so the addition of more things to do is probably good.

That’s it for now. I’ve got a couple more posts in the hopper, but those will have to wait. Right now, it’s bed time!

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