2008-05: State of the blog

May 18, 2008 at 2:37 pm
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Hello, blog! The title for this post is somewhat pretentious for such a tiny blog, and for that I am sorry. I plead a lack of creativity; I simply wanted to talk a bit about what I’ve done so far.

Up to this point, the posting schedule that seems to work best for me is roughly on the order of a couple of posts a week. Assuming a few days’ leeway, let’s call that a schedule and see how that works out. (And I am in fact writing another post that should go up soon-ish.)

Actually, for that reason, I am somewhat amazed it’s lasted even this long. It’s a pleasant surprise! To be honest, despite the fact that I was writing these kinds of thoughts elsewhere, I thought I wouldn’t really be able to write anything after leaving that venue. Furthermore, it’s nice to have all of this in one place, where I can look back and feel at least some small sense of accomplishment.

My hope is to sustain posting until I’m playing D&D 4th Edition, in which case I’ll have so much more to write about as I learn, run, and (hopefully) play the game.

I’m a little worried that my posts are too long for anyone to read, but then again this blog started as something for me. I won’t worry about that unless I somehow attract readers, and currently I’m not yet aware of any outside of some of my immediate friends. Whew.

I may keep changing themes. I realize this makes me a bad person, but I like so many themes that it’s hard to commit to one.

So that’s it for now. Stay sassy, blog.

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